Designing a good coporate website is about planning of processes to achieve certain goals. Large corporations clearly understand this and incorporate it into their strategy to achieve success.

Listed below are some elements to a good corporate website:

Visual Artistic Representation
1. Logo
Logo is designed for immediate recognition. Clients often identify a company by its logo. It helps to differentiate a company from its competitors.

2. Typography
Well-proportioned, clean font can make all the difference on a corporate website. A typeface should reflect the company’s image and beliefs.  With the help of typography, a company should enhance the motto or message delivered to its clients.

3. Colours
Corporate colour scheme makes a strong statement about the company and how it does business. Colours should emphasize the philosophy and strategy of the company.

4. Images
Images used should be an accurate representation of the company and should work with other branding efforts to present consistent messages to the clients.

Design Strategy
1. Brand
Brand is the definition of corporate business. Brand objectives should be lay down from the beginning. They should reflect the company’s philosophy, processes, image, etc. A strong brand builds credibility and motivates clients.

2. Quality
Quality is one of the most important elements. It defines a company through its policies, procedures and responsibilities to its clients. Quality should be reflected in every aspect of a company how it does business, the kind of products or services it produces, how it handles its prospects and clients.

1. Search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is the process of increasing website’s visibility in search engine’s organic results through optimizing pages with the keyword phrases that people are likely to search for. Having website ranked highly on search engines greatly increase its exposure.

2. Social media
Social media helps communication to potential customers and encourage them to buy. Social media is also a great tool for word of mouth marketing; it helps to see what people are talking about and what recommendations they provide.

3. Pay per click
Using Pay per click Internet advertising brings in traffic to website from search engines like Google or social media like Facebook. By paying a fee for every ad click the goal is to convert that user in order to see a return on investment.

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