One question that every entrepreneur and business owner is wondering.  What can Facebook and Twitter do for my business? 
Social media lets potential clients find you, like you, trust you, and recommend you. It lets them do these things with extraordinary speed, precision, and for free.  There has never in the history of commerce been a more effective or affordable way to grow your business. A good social strategy can offer your clients a deep and abiding sense of value.
Facebook has more page views daily than any other site on the Web and boasts millions of  users. Facebook is great for connecting with old friends,  loved ones.  Its potential as a business tool is unprecedented. 
Simply put, Facebook is the easiest way to build a robust community around your brand. Your promotions, messages, thoughts, replies, and updates  let you engage your clients on a deeper level than anything else in marketing.  Facebook lets you hear your clients’ concerns, amplify their kind words, and stay active in their lives.  And most importantly, Facebook lets you tap the unprecedented power of friend networks.  There is no source of opinions, advice, or recommendation better trusted than our friends. 
Twitter works in similar ways, but with one important difference: Twitter is a vehicle for dialogue, first and foremost.  The service acts as a sort of mass broadcast center for tiny messages knows as tweets from people and businesses all over the world.  The real draw of Twitter is its interactivity – users can respond to one another in an instant, “retweet” posts they like, and tag their own tweets by topic for easy searching.  They can also “follow” all messages from a specific source to ensure they always hear first when something new arises.
Do not underestimate the value of this concept.  Millions of people use Twitter every minute. Twitter lets you engage fans, bloggers, colleagues, and media outlets on an immediate and personal level.  It gives you a voice and a forum to find new clients.  It offers your company an easy way to establish itself as a thought leader in your field,  giving your followers instant access to the day’s most newsworthy items and ideas. 
Facebook and Twitter make your business less anonymous.  Once any business becomes a trusted friend, clients feel more invested in everything they do.  This level of interaction is the hallmark of an elite brand. 
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