In today’s business environment, a website is absolutely necessary. It provides an avenue for people and companies to find you and find out more about you, your business and the products and services you offer.
At JS-Solutions Networks, we believe every website has its own unique characteristics. When building your site there really is no one-size-fits-all model to follow. Your site should be built to fulfil your informational and sales needs, while being effective for your target audience. With that said, there are specific components that almost every website needs in order to be an effective marketing tool.
Home Page
The home page is like your office’s front door online and you need to make sure that you have it right. The home page should provide an all-encompassing view of what you do or offer while helping to establish trust with new and repeat visitors. To be effective, your home page must accomplish several things:
Brand Establishment: Your home page sets the tone for visitors’ expectation. You will need to establish your brand identity and confirmation that you can provide what they need.
Overview of Business: Visitors need to be provided a quick overview of the products, services and information they can expect to find.
Generate Interest: The home page must do more than just provide information of what you offer, it must generate interest in those offerings. It must create a desire within your visitors to click further into the site to find out more and see how they will be benefited by your products or services.
Convey Trust: Your home page is often the first impression you give your visitors, therefore it must be able to establish an element of trust.
Company Profile Page
The Company Profile page should be used to provide reassuring company information such as how long the company has been in business, missions, visions, core values, certification, etc. The information you provide on the Company Profile page is designed to help your visitors feel comfortable doing business with your company.
Contact Us Page
It is important to have a full page dedicated to contact information. Even if you have your contact information on every webpages, many people looking for your contact information will ignore the information and instead look for the link that reads “Contact Us.”
Your Contact Us page should provide several different ways of contacting you including email, telephone, fax, and a web form. You should also include a physical address and possibly even a map. This is also a good place to display hours of operation.
To be continued…
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