Product & Service Pages
If you are selling a product or service you will need pages dedicated to provide information about what your company has to offer.  There are generally two approaches companies will adopt
1. Providing Summary of Products & Services
2. Providing Detailed Information of each Product & Service
Having detailed information right down to the nitty-gritty may not work for some business, as too much information is difficult for visitors to digest.  Keeping information simple may be a better approach.
However too little information deprives visitors of information they needed. Thus depending of the nature of your business and your business model, information products and services on your website must be catered to suit the need of your potential clients.
Site Navigation
Construction of your site navigation can make or break your website’s performance.  Poorly constructed navigation schemes can easily confuse visitors causing them to make that dreaded click out of your site and onto a competitor. A properly constructed navigation can help visitors easily move from page to page finding everything that they are looking for quickly and easily.
It is important to be consistent.  Do not confuse your visitors by changing how the navigation looks or by moving its on-page location to a different area. Be consistent in the look and placement.
Also make sure it is impossible for your visitors to get lost on your website. You want them to know where they are at all times and how to navigate back to the current and other main sections.
For Large website, it is always useful to have a sitemap or a site search function, so that visitors can find the information they need easily.
All the components mentioned above are necessary to have a good website, when implemented properly each component compliments the others.
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