We take pride in our customer service. Our values and policies express the highest commitment to our customers. We are confident that you will find our service, reliability and value to be unparalleled. We strive to provide the peace of mind that enables our customers to meet the challenges of tomorrow...today.


Our List of Clients

  • Acez Instruments Pte Ltd
  • ACT-Nobel Homes Pte Ltd
  • AdlerTech Systems Pte Ltd
  • Advance Tech Automation Pte Ltd
  • Aeroleasing Pte Ltd
  • AF Distributors Pte Ltd
  • Alata Overseas Pte Ltd
  • Alpha Laser Rota Mould Pte Ltd
  • Anthony Furnisshen Pte Ltd
  • APEX Sealing Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Archerz Group Pte Ltd
  • Artemis Grill
  • Ascott Autohub Pte Ltd
  • ASTA Singapore Chapter
  • Atena International Pte Ltd
  • Atlas Vending Pte Ltd
  • Averest Elevators Pte Ltd
  • Baychoice International
  • Beautec Pte Ltd
  • Bespoke Media Pte Ltd
  • Bioplas Energy (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
  • Boss Design
  • BSI Rolamentos do Brasil
  • Byora Precision (S) Pte Ltd
  • Car Cove Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Central Bearings Co.
  • Chasen Holdings Limited
  • China EnerSave Limited
  • Clare Pannell Designs
  • Combine Trading Enterprise Pte Ltd
  • Comnet System Pte Ltd
  • Cupboards
  • Dancercise Singapore
  • Dermaspa Products Pte Ltd
  • DN & Associates Executive Search Pte Ltd
  • Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
  • East-West Gateway Pte Ltd
  • Emma Cameron Reflexology
  • Espirito Santo Latin Deli & Butchery Pte Ltd
  • Face On Clinic Pte Ltd
  • Fat Ideas Pte Ltd
  • Fencing Singapore
  • FMD Management Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Galeri Milenium, Indonesia
  • Genova Industries Pte Ltd
  • GET Management Pte Ltd
  • Global Gewinn International Pte Ltd
  • Godavox International Pte Ltd
  • Golf Events and Marketing Pte Ltd
  • Great Eastern Providence Ltd
  • Haran Hari Pte Ltd
  • Hippo Thermo
  • HL-Manufacturing Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Hock Travel Pte Ltd
  • Home2Be Pte Ltd
  • Hong Leong Corporation Holdings Pte Ltd
  • I-Bridge Design Pte Ltd
  • ID Ranger Pte Ltd
  • Innovation Workshop Pte Ltd
  • International Bearings Pte Ltd
  • Janelle Julius Executive Search Pte Ltd
  • Jess Haute Couture
  • JW Horological Gallery
  • Kan Capital Pte Ltd
  • Kim Yew Electrical & Sanitary Pte Ltd
  • Klassic Resources Pte Ltd
  • Krasnaya Watches
  • Lavano Marketing Pte Ltd
  • LCO-Creation Singapore Pte Ltd
  • LEC Innovative Keepsakes Pte Ltd
  • LH Construction & Machinery Leasing Pte Ltd
  • Lian Hup Brothers Pte Ltd
  • Lion City Furniture Supplier
  • Logicode Pte Ltd
  • Maniway Concepts Sdn Bhd
  • Market Research Society (Singapore)
  • Marquis HnC Pte Ltd
  • Masterseals Int. Pte Ltd
  • Maxcool Industries
  • Mer Afloat Pte Ltd
  • Minami Engineering Asia Pte Ltd
  • Moments That Last
  • Monzone Air-Conditioning Pte Ltd
  • Multiseals Pte Ltd
  • Nass Consulting Pte Ltd
  • Natural Cool Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd
  • New Port Duty Free Pte Ltd
  • New Speed Technology Pte Ltd
  • NK Hairworks Group
  • Nobel Design Holding Ltd
  • Norr Systems Pte Ltd
  • Numero Uno Creative Group Pte Ltd
  • Oil's Well Enterprise
  • On Time Bookkeeping & Payroll Services Pte Ltd
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School Alumni
  • PG Trading Pte Ltd
  • PKF Advisory Pte Ltd
  • Playwkz Culture Singapore Pte Ltd
  • PPT Solutions Pte Ltd
  • PT Garda Tujuh Buana Tbk, Indonesia
  • PT. NG Tech Supplies, Indonesia
  • Purple Watches
  • Red Army Watches Pte Ltd
  • Redoh International
  • Regent Media Pte Ltd
  • Ribbon and Roses
  • Riskren Pte Ltd
  • Rocky Angkor
  • Rotary Club of Singapore
  • Sagana International Pte Ltd
  • Saniton Ceramic Pte Ltd
  • Sanyi Airconditioning Services
  • SCM Corporation Pte Ltd
  • Seasons Time Watches Pte Ltd
  • Shades of Asia
  • Sheen Gallery Pte Ltd
  • Shumoo Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Airlines Ltd
  • Singapore Alive Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • Singapore Ladies' Golf Association
  • Singapore Myanmar Capital Ltd
  • SingExports Pte Ltd
  • Socius Consulting Pte Ltd
  • SOI60 Restaurant Pte Ltd
  • SportsmenAsia.com LLP
  • Square Room Interior Pte Ltd
  • Star Holiday Mart Pte Ltd
  • Storm International Imaging Pte Ltd
  • Strass Lighting and Marking
  • Sultanjazz Pte Ltd
  • Surf-Field Technology Pte Ltd
  • Swiss Precision Industries Pte Ltd
  • Synergy BizLink Pte Ltd
  • Talent Navigators Pte Ltd
  • The CAP Consulting Group Pte Ltd
  • The Pump Room Pte Ltd
  • Thomas D'esthetique Modelling Management
  • TMS International Pte Ltd
  • Tommy Gorden Ltd
  • Tractel Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Under One Roof Domestic Service
  • V V Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Venus Technology (FE) Pte Ltd
  • Villa Adenium
  • Watch Link
  • We Care Community Services Ltd
  • White Rabbit Ltd
  • Winterstrade Pte Ltd
  • Yamaha Motorcycles
  • Yoga In Sync Pte Ltd


  • Acez Sensing Pte Ltd
  • Adex Communications Pte Ltd
  • Advance Recruit Pte Ltd
  • Advanced Solutions Engineering Pte Ltd
  • AeroMobiles Pte Ltd
  • Agri Opus Proba Pte Ltd
  • Alize Boutique
  • Alto Fabric Pte Ltd
  • Apex Harmony Lodge
  • Apolo Cja Comercio E Importacao, Brazil
  • Ark-hitecture Pte Ltd
  • Ascent Career Consulting
  • Asia Institute of Professional Psychology
  • Astonix Life Science (S) Pte Ltd
  • Atlas Asset Management Limited, Cayman Islands
  • AtomIT Networks Pte Ltd
  • Baker & McKenzie.Wong & Leow
  • Bayfront Autohub Pte Ltd
  • Beng Soon Machinery Services (S) Pte Ltd
  • BioBactz Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Bistecca Restaurant Pte Ltd
  • Brown Rice Paradise Pte Ltd
  • Buylateral Group Pte Ltd
  • C8 Trading Pte Ltd
  • Castor & Wheel Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Chalot Capital Ventures, Inc
  • Chien Chi Tow Healthcare Pte Ltd
  • Chip Hua Equipment & Tools Pte Ltd
  • Cleanfuel Hub (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd
  • Commute Solutions LLP
  • Cronus Watch, Korea
  • D&D Technology Pte Ltd
  • Deise Dias Cavalheiro
  • Design Perspektiv International Pte Ltd
  • DNR Process Solutions Pte Ltd
  • E.Black Board LLP
  • Elyzion Printing
  • EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte Ltd
  • EUT Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
  • Factronics Technologies Pte Ltd
  • FBJ Bearings International
  • FitPro365
  • Football Weekly
  • GE Connections & Services Pte Ltd
  • GEP Bulk Containers Pte Ltd
  • Gift Imprint
  • Glory Star Printing Pte Ltd
  • Golf Asia
  • Grandmothers Recipes Kitchen
  • Hamilton Autohub Pte Ltd
  • Heritage Auto Enterprise Pte Ltd
  • HL Building Materials Pte Ltd
  • HLC Enterprises Pte Ltd
  • Home and Rehab Patients Care Pte Ltd
  • Hong Leong Asia Ltd
  • Hong Thai Travel Services (S) Pte Ltd
  • IC Disinfectin - System(s) Pte Ltd
  • Innovac Chem Pte Ltd
  • Intellikids Pte Ltd
  • Island Concrete Pte Ltd
  • Jeremy Ramsey Fine Art
  • Jogan Marketing Pte Ltd
  • JTB Pte Ltd
  • K Prasad & Co
  • Keracker Holding Pte Ltd
  • Kinghouse Rare Watches
  • Konpasu Coaching
  • LaundryMart Fetch Pte Ltd
  • LB Creations
  • Leading Services Technology Pte Ltd
  • Leicester Marketing (1993) Pte Ltd
  • LH Engineering & Equipment Pte Ltd
  • Lifestorey
  • Local Global Exhibition & Trade Services Singapore
  • Maha Chemicals (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Marine Engineering Resource Pte Ltd
  • Marquis Furniture Gallery Pte Ltd
  • Marquis HQO Pte Ltd
  • Maverick Services Pte Ltd
  • MCi Career Services Pte Ltd
  • Mighty Equipment (S) Pte Ltd
  • Mirage Pictures Pte Ltd
  • Momentum Creations Pte Ltd
  • Mowe Marine & Offshore Pte Ltd
  • Namhup Table Chair Hire
  • National University of Singapore
  • Neocon Hotel Supplies Pte Ltd
  • New Speed Industries Pte Ltd
  • Newash Facility Management Pte Ltd
  • No.8 Wire Pte Ltd
  • Nordenson Pte Ltd
  • Nucom Solutions
  • O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bars
  • OM Cucine
  • Optimal Corporation Pte Ltd
  • Pen City Trading Pte Ltd
  • Pharmelite Trading Pte Ltd
  • Plant Culture Pte Ltd
  • Postek Pte Ltd
  • Premier Thai Traditional Restaurant Pte Ltd
  • PT International Hardware Indo, Indonesia
  • PT. TJM Internasional, Indonesia
  • Re Suisse Financial Services Pte Ltd
  • Red Door Group Pte Ltd
  • Redone International Pte Ltd
  • Rehau Pte Ltd
  • Rigel Technology (S) Pte Ltd
  • RMC Pte Ltd
  • Room 101
  • Sagana International HK Ltd
  • Salveo Lifestyle Pte Ltd
  • Sankawa Packaging (S) Pte Ltd
  • SCM Builders Pte Ltd
  • Screenzplay Pte Ltd
  • SGBiz Solutions
  • Sheen Antique Pte Ltd
  • Sheen Watch Pte Ltd
  • Simple Gourmet Pte Ltd
  • Singapore Airlines Staff Union
  • Singapore Cement Manufacturing Co., (Pte) Ltd
  • Singapore International Halal Showcase
  • Singapore Modern Pentathlon Association
  • Singapore Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Singtel Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Sogan & Art
  • Solidheat Industries Pte Ltd
  • Sportz Pro Pte Ltd
  • Standing Couch Productions Pte Ltd
  • Starhub Ltd
  • Straits Talent Pte Ltd
  • Sugar Granny Cafe Pte Ltd
  • Sunshine Travel Pte Ltd
  • SVS Intertrade Pte Ltd
  • Swiss Timing Marketing Pte Ltd
  • Synnovate Solutions Pte Ltd
  • Techsearch Pte Ltd
  • The Center for Psychology
  • Thomas D'esthetique
  • TJJ Event Management
  • Toko Jaya Moro, Indonesia
  • Toots Brasserie Pte Ltd
  • Ultratex (S) Pte Ltd
  • United Elites' Network
  • Vamsa Contract Services
  • Vertex ID Pte Ltd
  • VS Tech Pte Ltd
  • Watch Soul
  • Wheels Asia
  • Whiteboard By Nobel
  • WWM Pte Ltd
  • YASC Young Adult Support Centre
  • YPM Marketing Pte Ltd


Outstanding Service (10 Years with JS-Solutions)

Working with Shawn & Josephine for almost 10 Years was not only seamless but both of them far exceeded our expectations!

From the start, Shawn & Josephine were receptive to our needs and objectives for our company's website. Professional, competitively priced and very prompt even after sale service!

We would recommend anyone to work with Shawn & Josephine!

John Wang
JW Horological Gallery

Appreciation for Consistent & Outstanding Service

Dear Shawn & Josephine

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the both of you for the outstanding service rendered while developing our websites.

Your consistent delivery of high quality service, assurance of customer satisfaction and attention to detail are traits that are very unique and admirable.

We enjoy working with the both of you and continue to look forward to more projects together in the future.

Thank you very much!

Eve & Evonne
Regent Media Pte Ltd

Outstanding Service

From the start, I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and response to my requirements as a customer.

I am extremely satisfied by the service, advice and support provided by JS-Solutions Networks.

Ric Hudson
Shades of Asia

Service Feedback

JS-Solutions Networks is an outstanding service provider with a personal touch. Their creative talent combined with abilities to turn clients' vision into realities is a true gem.

Aniq Jason Tan
Ascent Career Consulting

JS-Solutions Service

I would like to commend Shawn, the project manager, in charge of our project on the website for our customer gifts program.

Shawn has not only done a fantastic job but also given very constructive ideas for us to realise the full potential of the website.

Keracker Holding Pte Ltd


Shawn, I am very satisfied with the service that you provide on behalf of JS Solutions. It is top class and I would highly recommend your company and particularly your service to anyone.

Kind regards
Ian Letele
No.8 Wire Pte Ltd