Content Management System

Our custom CMS facilitate easy management and control of dynamic collection of your website's contents.

Update Your Website Contents with Ease

Easy To Use CMS

On the Internet content is king and always will be. With our custom content management system (CMS), you can effortlessly keep your website up to date without the complexities often associated with platforms like WordPress.

Our intuitive interface and user-friendly tools allow you to effortlessly manage and control your web content, ensuring that your site remains fresh and engaging for visitors.

Whether you are adding new products, updating blog posts, or refreshing images and multimedia, our CMS empowers you to make changes quickly and efficiently without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Stay ahead of the curve and maintain a dynamic online presence with our reliable and adaptable CMS solution.

Content Management System | JS-Solutions Networks

Easy to Use

We simplify the process of updating your website, making it accessible for users of all technical skill levels.


We deploy security features such as two-factor authentication and data encryption. You may also setup access rights for different users.


Custom modules can be devloped as per your requirements and integrate seamlessly with your website.

Some Of The Features Of Our

Customised CMS

  • Easy managment of contents, pages, images and media.
  • WYSIWYG text editor with images and media upload feature.
  • Data encryption for personal data.
  • Two-factor authentication with Google Authenticator or email.
  • Integrated Google Recaptcha or image captcha.
  • Support multiple users, users access rights and access log file.
  • Auto lock, account blocking on multiple failed logins,
  • Meta title/description, structured data schema managment
  • Dynamic sitemap.
  • Easy integration with Google Analytics and Facebook's Meta Pixel
  • Database backup module.
  • Custom modules and more...
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