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Commonly Asked Questions

We are eager to address any enquiries you may have regarding our comprehensive suite of services. Whether you seek clarification on our process, desire additional information about our capabilities or simply wish to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, our team stands ready to assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out - we are here to ensure that you have all the information you need to embark on a successful partnership with us.

1. This is my first website. Will JS-Solutions Networks walk me through the whole process?

Absolutely! We will guide you through the entire development process and provide you with necessary advice which could be beneficial to your business.

There are 3 main components which you will required

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Setting up of Web Hosting Environment
  • Design and Development of your Website

At JS-Solutions Networks, we will be able to support you in these 3 areas, we will also be able to advise you on future recurring cost and how you can easily manage your website's contents.

2. Does JS-Solutions Networks outsource your projects or send work overseas?

No. All of our web design and development works are performed by our in-house team based in Singapore.

Why do we choose not to do so - The main reason is cultural differences. Different cultures have diverse design aesthetics, preferences, and user expectations. Choosing a web design team that is unfamiliar with your target audience's cultural nuances may result in a design that doesn't resonate with you and your customers or fails to meet expectations.

By doing our work in-house, we will also be able to offer better quality control, better accountability and no compromise in customers support and maintenance.

3. Do we own the completed website?

You always have full ownership over your website.

If you choose to host your site with JS-Solutions Networks, we will provide you with a control panel where you manage and perform backup for your website source codes, databases and access to visitors statistics. 

In the event you wish to host with another hosting company, we will provide the website source codes, databases and setup instruction for your new service provider.

4. How long does it take to finish a website?

We will always call for a meeting to discuss your requirements, expectation and have a better understanding of your business. After which we can typically have the first browsable mockup ready within ten to fourteen days.

Why do we need so many days? That is because we no longer just offer graphical design mockup. In today's mobile-centric world, designing for different screen sizes and devices is essential. A browsable website can better demonstrate responsive behavior and communicate the intended users experience.

Give or take 2 or 3 rounds of revisions and data entry, you can generally expect your website to be completed around thirty days. This is subjected to your requirements and complexity.

If you need your website urgently, it is essential that you have your contents such as logo, company profiles, products pictures and information ready when we need them.

5. Can JS-Solutions Networks revise my current or finish my incompleted website?

Generally the answer is No.

We can help to analyze the site, but we have found it is often more cost effective and efficient in most cases to start over than it is to retrofit or complete an existing website. You will also avoid potential hidden issues which come with an incompleted website. 

If you need us to perform updates to your existing site, please note that we offer no warranty if your site is compromised or run into functional issues.

6. Does JS-Solutions Networks build mobile responsive website?

Yes, we build mobile responsive websites.

We based our works on HTML5 and Bootstrap Framework, which is an open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.

7. How many design revisions do you allow for?

We offer up to 3 rounds of design changes or amendments before design confirmation.

However we are flexible to accommodate if you required another round or two. In most cases upon the first mockup design, it will be around 80 to 90% of what you wanted.

Upon design confirmation, limited revision will be allow, such as addition of another page or two, text and image changes. Any changes to overall design framework or layout will be subjected to additonal charges.

8. Does JS-Solutions Networks website design include content management system (CMS) software?

Yes, your website will come with our customised content management system which facilitates easy update of information.

Why we dont use wordpress or other off-the-shelf CMS?

Off-the-shelf CMS can be intimidating for users who have no prior experience. There are many different customization options, plugins, themes and required frequent update. Imagine what happen if you login a few months after your last update? Chances are you might have forgotten how to make certain changes. 

Why we developed a customised content managment system?

Most of our clients are very busy people, who need something which is very easy to use and fast. We customised our CMS for each client, so you only need to access to features you truly need. Within the first 10 min of our training session, you should already know how to update your website contents. Our CMS also come with modern security features such as 2FA authentication, IP address blacklisting and data encryption features. 

We believed a clean, simple customized CMS works best for most businesses.

9. How much do JS-Solutions Networks charge for a website?

A simple corporate website should cost around $2,500 to $5,000.  This include a responsive design, a few modules,  content management system (CMS) integration, and basic SEO optimization.

For more complex website such as ecommerce website, or required advance programming, they are usually be in the range of $5,000 to $20,000 or more.

10. What about After-Sales Support, Warranty and Website Maintenance ?

We provide After-Sales support via telephone or email. 

We provide 1 year warranty for all new website developed for functional and programming errors.

Website Maintenance is optional, as most of our clients are able to manage their website contents easily using our content managment systems. If you required a maintenance contract, the cost will depend on the specific maintenance services needed and the extent of support required. It can varies from a few hundred dollars a year to a couple of thousand dollars a year.

1. What is Hosting and do I need it?

Hosting refers to the server which responds to requests to view your website. It's simply another computer connected to the Internet for the sole purpose of transmitting your website to users.

Yes you will need it to house your website and email and makes them accessible through the Internet.

2. Does JS-Solutions Networks offer Email accounts with your hosting plan?

Yes, we do.

All our service plans come with email accounts. You can create as many email accounts as you required, you will only be limited to the diskspace that you subscribed to.

You may choose to access your email accounts via webmail (Web-based email platform), or configure it as IMAP or POP3 on your microsoft outlook, apple mail or mobile devices.

3. Where are JS-Solutions Networks' servers located?

Our servers are primary located in Professional Data Centers in

  • Singapore - Pacnet Singapore Data Center - Paya Lebar, Singapore
  • United States - Denver Tech Center -  Denver, Colorado 
4. Does JS-Solutions Networks' servers works internationally?

Yes, our servers are connected internationally.

We have clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, United Kingdoms, United States and more.

5. Does JS-Solutions Networks offer SSL Certificate?

The SSL protocol is the standard for encrypting communications between users and websites.

All our linux shared hosting plans come pre-loaded with cPanel-issued AutoSSL certificate.

We also offer Sectigo SSL Certificate for users who wish to have extended validation, domain and company validation

6. How reliable are JS-Solutions Networks' servers?

Outrages does happen.

We have a team of Data Center engineers working and monitoring our servers 24/7, resolving any issues which you might encounter in a timely manner.

We also carry out regular server maintenance to keep server's softwares up-to-date and replace faulty hardwares.

7. How much does JS-Solutions Networks charge for Web Hosting?

We have 3 main shared hosting plans on Linux Servers (Singapore) and 3 plans on Windows Servers (United States).

Our shared hosting plans start from $150 a year for 10GB Diskspace to $360 a year for 30GB.

Renewal of hosting is required on a yearly basis. 

For more higher plans or VPS, please kindly contact us with your requirements at

8. How do i contact JS-Solutions Networks for technical support?

We offer telephone and email support.

You can reach us by phone at  +65 6756 3527 (Office Hour - 9.00am to 6pm from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays) or email us at (24/7).

1. What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique address that identifies a website on the internet. It is a string of characters that is used to locate and access websites, for example

2. How do I purchase a domain name?

If you don't have a domain name, we can purchase and register one on your behalf.

JS-Solutions Networks is accredited as an Authorised Domain Name Reseller for WebNic. WebNIC is the leading ICANN accredited Registrar and the Dominant ccTLDs Player in Asia.

3. Can I use an existing domain name i own?

Yes you can.

However if you wish for us to manage the domain name for you, we can assist to perform a domain name transfer.

4. How can i transfer my domain name to JS-Solutions Networks

Your domain name must remain with one registrar for at least 60 days before becoming eligible for another transfer.

We normally recommend that domain name transfer is perform at least 30 days before the next renewal date, as domain transfer may take days or sometime weeks to complete.

We will guide and assist you throughout the transfer process.

You will required to

  • Have a valid and working email address under admin contact of your domain name.
  • Provide us with the transfer authorisation code from your existing domain registrar.

All domain name transfer will automatically come with a one year domain name renewal.

5. How much does JS-Solutions Networks charge for Domain Name Registration and renewal

The prices for domain name varies depending on the domain name extension. 

Some pricing of popular domain extension are

  • $30 a year for .com
  • $60 a year for
  • $75 a year for

Renewal of domain name is required on a yearly basis.

Please note that registration of a domain name subjected to its availability.

6. Does JS-Solutions Networks offer DNS services managment?

Yes we do.

Domain Name System (DNS) is the setting that map the domain name to the IP address of the server where the website is hosted once your domain name is registered. This is why when you type it will route you to this website.

If you are subscribed to our web hosting plan, we offer DNS managment as part of our standard service. To most users this process is totally transparent, unless you have multiple servers hosted by one or many different service providers.

1. Our Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all website development / design and web hosting services provided by JS-Solutions Networks.

2. Our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, use and disclosure of an individual customer's Personal Dataarising from goods and/or services offered by JS-Solutions Networks Pte Ltd.

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