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How can I create a website in Singapore?

There are 3 components you required to create a website.

  1. Register a Domain Name
  2. Register a Web Hosting Plan
  3. Design and Develop a Website

Register a Domain Name

The first thing you need to do is to decide on an appropriate domain for your business. Typically in Singapore, companies prefer a .com or a domain name.  A .com is an international TLD (Top Level Domain), a is a Country Level Domain. They work similarly, however a domain can only registered by a registered company in Singapore.

You can either register your domain name directly with a Domain Registrar or with Web Solutions Company like JS-Solutions Networks.

Register a Web Hosting Plan

For new companies and SMEs, we will recommend that you go for a Shared Server Web Hosting plan, as they are more affordable. There are typical two type of Web Hosting Platform, Linux and Windows. Linux Web Hosting is suitable for WordPress and PHP website. Windows Web Hosting is suitable for Asp and website, however most Windows servers support Wordpress and PHP too.

JS-Solutions Networks offer both Linux and Windows Web Hosting Plans, we have 3 tiers, Basic Web Hosting, Standard Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. If you are unsure which type and tiers is suitable for your company, please feel free to contact us.

Design and Develop a Website

There are generally two approach to website development. DIY or engaged a web design company. If you decide to DIY, you may want to consider WordPress as it is free, for a simple basic website, it can be easily done and there are tons of reference guide on the internet. Engaging a web design company is obviously a more costly approach, however you can avoid the technical aspect of web development and focus more on your company’s business direction on the internet.

JS-Solutions Networks is a professional web design agency with more than 10 years experience in designing and developing websites for companies and business from different industries. We strive to develop a website which is ideal for your business. For more information, please kindly contact us at (65) 6756 3527. 

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