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3 reasons why we don't use WordPress to develop websites

Wordpress is used by millions of websites. It is free and has a huge library of plugins and themes. It is easy to build a website using WordPress, but what happened after that?

1. Wordpress is one of the world's most popular CMS, it is a popular target for hackers too.
WordPress is the fastest growing CMS in the world and is used by millions of websites. This sort of popularity comes with a price, It explains why hackers choose to target WordPress more than any other CMS, since who would want to write code or virus for 100 websites when you could reach 1 million? Thus keeping your WordPress platform up to date is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a WordPress site and also the one which is mostly neglected. WordPress is an open-source platform, outdated plugins, theme tends to be the major culprit in causing security vulnerabilities. Needless to say, if you never perform regular updates for your WordPress site chances are it is vulnerable to attack.

2. Constant software update
There is a saying, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. Most people have experience doing a software update to your phone or computer and end up with more problems. However, a software update for WordPress is necessary to minimize security vulnerabilities. The problem is plugins, themes, etc are written by different people. It is not uncommon that an update causing some kind of conflicts between themes and plugins thus causing your site to not work properly, but since WordPress is so popularly used, it has a strong community and you can search for online posts of users who have experienced the same issues as you. However, if you are not willing to spend some sleepless nights because you can’t get something to work, you should have a seasoned WordPress developer on retainer.

3. The ease or difficulties of the WordPress CMS
WordPress can be intimidating for users who have no prior experience. There are many different customization options, plugins, and themes. Updating content on WordPress can be a breeze or downright difficult. Depending on the complexity of your website and experience of the end-users. Most end-users will most likely experience a steep learning curve, as WordPress CMS is generally designed for developers, not end-users or business people. What this means is although you have a CMS, you might still need to refer to your developers to perform updates.

In summary, is WordPress free? Is it a secured CMS? Is it easy to use? Sure, if you are a seasoned WordPress developer. Should companies continue to use WordPress? Yes, they should but do make sure to take every precaution. There are pros and cons with all CMS in the market, but we believed a clean, simple customized CMS works best for most businesses.

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